Another Move…kinda-sorta

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Love and Peace – B & B


Christmas at the Campsite

Our first Christmas living fulltime in the camper.  We’re simple folks, havin’ a simple holiday, lovin’ our simple life…and celebrating that Jesus is the Reason for the Season!

A Surprise For Ginger!

It took us a few days at the new homestead to realize that we hadn’t noticed where the campground dog park was located, which was mentioned on their web site, and common at most rv parks. 

During one of the manager’s visits to our site, Mike’s a very friendly guy, we asked about the canine facility.  He explained it’d been taken down while some work was being done in that particular area and wasn’t put back up afterward.  The pic below shows where the dog park used to be.

He then said that we could make Ginger her own personal park right here at our campsite, if we’d like to…wow, didn’t see that comin’!  Of course we said that’d be great, and he asked how many fence panels we’d need.  What?!  We can build a private fenced area AND you’ll provide the material?!  Alrightie then, there’s a perfect spot in the corner, we can take advantage of 2 metal fences already in place.

Next day (that was fast!) he sure did bring over the goods, and Bob got right on the project.  

Mike offered more panels, but we think a 12’x18′ area is plenty big since Ginger’s not much of a runner/player, she simply enjoys being outside in the fresh air…especially collar and leash free. 

Ever since she was a puppy, her favorite spot is near the gate, lying down next to the water bowl. If we decide later to expand for some reason though, supplies are available…how cool is that?

We appreciate having the nearby yard option for Ginger because her being hooked to a long line (never unattended) inevitably means tangles and things being knocked/pulled over, and being on a leash for extended periods of time isn’t always convenient either. Confined in her pen was doable, but she definitely could have used a larger size. Running loose outside has never been an option, too many things could go wrong…besides, most campgrounds have “leash laws.” 

The 4 months we were in Oklahoma is the only time Ginger hasn’t had a yard, and we felt guilty about that, but she’s a sweetheart so never complained….although the video above (in her personal fenced area at our previous campsite) may prove me wrong. Since she no longer needs her pen, we were able to give it to a local rabbit friend that needed a place to sleep indoors on cold nights. Ginger’s blessing allowed her to bless bunny “Oreo”…God is Awesome!

PS-Yesterday was Gingerbread Girl’s 4th birthday!

Small Town Christmas

From our camper doorway we can see (over the fence) the lights of this Christmas display, and hear the faint sound of favorite holiday songs they’re playing through the speakers. We’re taking grandson there this weekend…Santa will be there visiting, and we’ll get some munchies and hot chocolate from Santa’s Snack Shop. We skipped the parade last weekend cuz grandson was sick, but really appreciate the time and effort this little town puts into making it a special place to live. 

“Near Oil Derrick & West of Truck Stop,” love it!

Corner Campsite

While the Oklahoma site had no neighbors behind us, we did have fellow campers out front. We prefer this layout much better…folks out back (although none at this time-see pic below), but privacy in the front where we spend our time. Even if the campground fills up, we’ll always have this corner to ourselves since there aren’t any sites past us, only a fence.

The yard needs much work, which pleases Bob, he’s always enjoyed staying busy outside making wherever we live look nice. Our last campsite was well maintained by employees…but this one, not so much, Bob won’t be bored.  We arrived here on a Saturday evening, and Sunday morning when I came out with my first cup of coffee he’d already been at it for hours!  He needed this, he’s missed having a yard to tend…it makes me happy that he’s happy. 

Unfortunately there are more weeds, to include sticker plants (goatheads?), than grass in the yard, so it may never be “beautiful” to anyone except us. It’s hard work getting rid of stickers, probably a never ending job, but we’ve made a difference already…yep, I’ve helped. In the Spring we’ll (Bob) plant some Crape Myrtles and Pear Trees to add color and shade…yeah, we plan to be here awhile.  We’ll also be eating fresh vegetables…it’s been years since we’ve lived somewhere that Bob could grow a veggie garden, another of his favorite things to do!

The mound of dirt (covered with weeds/stickers) behind the windmill weather vane has been removed by the campground’s handy-dandy front end loader. You know how much guys love “big toys,” so Bob was disappointed when he had to decline the manager’s offer to let him move the mini-hill, cuz of his bad eyesight. Wise decision though I’m sure, my Bob!

We’ve been here 3 weeks now and all is well. This time of year adds to our happiness…there’s something special in the air around Thanksgiving and Christmas, it’s the Season of Love!

The Windmill Town

Before being officially named for one of the early settlers, S. M. Merkel, this little community we’re calling home now was known as “The Windmill Town.” Nothing personal, Mr Merkel, but windmills are cool, so I prefer the original name.  Whatever it’s called, Bob and I are gettin’ a good vibe from this itty-bitty city and will blog more about it soon.

We were pleasantly surprised to find an rv park in this small town where our special Buddy-Boy (grandson) lives, we’re only 2 miles from him! There are “prettier” places to camp in the area, but none as near to family as this one. 

We actually like the simplicity of this campground…it’s more Porter’s style. There are appx 60 sites here, full at one time with pipeline/oil field workers (I’ve seen pics), but fortunately that was before we arrived.  As I look around now, we have only 8 neighbors…perfect!

Ya gotta love any place that’s got a big grill sittin’ in the office yard, although it looks like this one hasn’t been fired up in awhile.

To keep this post from being too long, we’ll write about our campsite next time. 

Love and Peace – B & B

Texas Success!

Our friend-of-friend came through, we crossed the Red River on Saturday, November 11…and we’re happy to be back home in The Lone Star State!

Porter traveled just fine…put some air in his tires before embarking on the 4-hour trek south and no swayin’ or misbehavin’ at all from our tin can tent.

I’ll post soon about the campground (rv park) we’re settled in. So far-so good, me thinkest we shall be happy here!

Love and Peace – B & B