Staying Warm

We’ve had overnight temps in the 30s, and since we don’t use Porter’s propane furnace we’ve been staying warm enough with an extra blanket on the bed. However…getting out from under the covers in the morning is quite a shock.  

Found this brand new looking electric heater at the thrift store for only $3, and it takes care of business! It’s got a thermostat (or whatever), so it turns itself on and off according to the temp we set it at, which has been LOW, and 65°…it doesn’t take much to heat our little home.

I love stores that sell inexpensive, “new to us” items!


Rain and Wind, But No Tornado!

We survived the storm last night, and woke to a beautiful morning! 38 mph wind gusts out of the north made the camper shudder a few times, but nothing too alarming. I admit though that I stayed awake until 3:00 listening for the tornado sirens. We did have to retrieve one of our metal patio chairs that took a stroll in the wind, but no damage done to it…bet we remember to secure it next time.

The next few days are expected to be nice, and no significant rain chances for a week in this area. God is good…life is good!

Weather Forecast…really?!

“Storms may bring flooding, damaging winds, and even a tornado,” are not words you like to hear when you live in a camper trailer!

The rv park has 6 storm shelters, but if the tornado sirens go off we’ll go into the shower house/laundry building instead since Ginger’s behavior around other dogs is unpredictable. Fluffy’s easy, she’ll be in her carrier.

Your prayers for us to have a safe Saturday are welcome and appreciated! 

High Winds! 

I was nervous (and praying) during 23 mph winds a few nights ago when a major rain, thunder, and lightning storm passed through.  BUT today and overnight we have between 38-52 mph gusts expected! I moved our vehicle 3 times this morning, trying to get it positioned to face into the wind…I think I finally got it, but I may not be done. Thankfully, Porter is nearly pointed in the right direction for these particular gusts, and no rain is expected. The wind has been our main concern about living in a camper trailer…lots of prayers being said today!

Update: It def got windy, but thankfully not as strong as predicted. However, less than a week later, we’re dealing with a possible tornado!

Feeling Guilty

Just to be clear, my previous post was not directed at the operators of all the loud groundskeeping equipment, just the noise. The owners of this rv park and their employees are nice people, and I respect their desire to keep the landscape looking good…if only the machinery had a “silent” mode, like my cellphone does.

Sharing a few pics of some of the very nice and hardworking folks around here:

Rusty, the park owner and chief lawn mower.

Jamie, Rusty’s wife. Ya gotta love a hardworkin’ woman and her water truck!

Taylor, one of the many college students employed at the park. 

Another student employee.

Rodney (holding the shovel), aka “Larry the Cable Guy,” and yet another student/employee. They were patching up this ⬇ hole at the edge of our site…for the 3rd time.

Rusty and Jamie have chickens in the back of the park and generously share the eggs with visiting campers.

Some of the eggs are blue.

So anyhoo, nice folks here, but I don’t think they ever sleep…busy, busy, busy!

Too Noisy and Busy Here!

We’ve been at this rv park for 3 months now…long enough to conclude that there’s just way too much going on around us!  I’m not saying I wanna be out in the woods somewhere cut off from civilization (I’d worry about bear activity, and I must be near a $ Store!), but this set-up is too overwhelming for me…I’m praying a calmer environment awaits us in Texas.

Things did quiet down last month when several groups of kids left to start school, but there are still (unsupervised) kids here…maybe they’re homeschooled.  And the loud work trucks that recently moved on to the next job site are regularly replaced by more trucks…I guess the local construction projects are into the next phase and now require a different type of skilled help (welders, electricians, plumbers, etc).

If there was another site here, where less kids and vehicles pass by, I might consider moving our camper to it, but there’s no location I like….besides, I’m ready to go back to Texas.  Actually, there is one other site in the park that I like, but the daughter of the owners lives there, so wouldn’t happen anyway.  One nice thing about her site is that it doesn’t have a well lit, action ’til 10 pm, basketball court nearby.  I’ve come to hate the sound of bouncing balls as people walk to and from the court (could ya just hold the dadgum thing until ya get there?!), and then of course while they’re playing the game!  Yeah, I sure didn’t think about that (or any of this stuff) when I said we have “the best seat in the house.”

And while I appreciate the park grounds being maintained, I’ve decided that a view of a less manicured landscape would be just fine with me…and I’m assuming a lot quieter. With appx. 100 sites here, there are mowers, weed eaters, edgers, leaf blowers, pressure washers, and employee golf carts, everywhere…yesterday was especially loud! Thankfully most of that equipment, except the golf carts, are only brought out once or twice a week, but those day-long activities somehow seem more often than that.  So even if we changed sites, those obnoxious noises would follow us.

I’m glad we began our fulltime camper life in a brand new and beautiful rv park though, because if we’d started in a less pleasing to the eye locale, I might have thought I wanted to be somewhere “bigger and nicer”…while not considering the hustle and bustle and noise! Now if we can just find a small rv park with minimal grass, that doesn’t allow kids and loud trucks…or win the lottery and buy a perfect piece of property. 

PS-Would someone please oil that squeaky wheel on the baby stroller that’s pushed by our site every night?!

The basketball court

Big mowers


Loud pressure washer