Corn Hole Tournament 

We live in the coolest RV Park ever! Bob and I hung out at the tourney (set up by the park’s admin bldg) as spectators, but had fun offering words of encouragement and applause to the players. 

Didn’t think to have someone take a pic of us together, maybe next time.

I love the tables and stools outside the front door of the check-in office! We’ll post soon with more pics of this awesome park we’re calling home.

A Note from Fluffy Pants the Cat

Hi Everyone-

My parents said that y’all have asked about me and thought it’d be nice if I wrote a lil’ something now and again on their camper blog.

So…I like our new home alright, I pretty much do the same thing here that I did at our old place, just hang out and look cute.

Mom tried to help me post a video showing how I get up and down from the top bunk while I’m playing (and sometimes pause while I’m up there long enough for a cat-nap), but neither one of us know what the heck we’re doing! So I’ll just tell you that it involves the stove and a long jump to get up there, and Ginger’s gate below with some fancy footwork and agility to get down.

Since we’ve been here Dad has suggested a walk on my harness and leash, but that’s never been my thing…and have you noticed how many dogs live in this rv park, Dad?!  I’m good with frolicking indoors and looking out sister Ginger’s bedroom window, watching Dad take her for a walk.

My preference for getting fresh air is safely chillin’ on the patio in my pen or carrier.

I especially like it when Ginger keeps me company.

That’s about all I can think of for now, thanks for caring and visiting with me!

Love & Peace-Fluffy 🐱

Good Morning from the Campsite

Is it gonna rain or shine?


A nice young man from a neighboring site brought us each a huge Colorado peach for breakfast.  He’d made an early morning trip to the local farmer’s market…so sweet of him to share.

Bob doesn’t look too happy about his peach, does he? He is, but he doesn’t smile for pics…and on the rare occasion when he does smile, it’s hard to see it. Such an oddball, but I love him!

C’mon In!

We blogged about Porter the other day and posted pics of the outside, so today we’ll show you the interior. We haven’t done anything on the inside of Porter, those ugly green curtains are still hangin’ and not a single Route 66 decoration has been bought, cuz while we have big ideas…have I mentioned that we’re on a very tight budget/set income here? Even so, we’ve got a roof over our heads, a decent running vehicle, and aren’t starving.  We even manage to feed our cat and dog and also enjoy a 1/2 price Sonic milkshake now and then…but boy are we gonna be sad when that summer shake special ends!

So anyhoo, the interior pics we’re posting today were mostly taken before we moved in…we’re choosing to not highlight all our organized clutter, but perhaps one day we’ll have something to show off. Until then, it’s all good in the trailerhood!  Let the slideshow begin…

Up first, we present to you Porter’s floor plan, this will allow you to put the other pics into perspective:

Let’s start with the bedroom, shall we? Yeah, that’d be the blue one…who does that?! And please, do take note of the luxurious paper-thin draperies.Head of the bed…

…and if there’s a head, there’s gotta be a foot.

As we move on to the dining/living/sometimes bedroom area, remember to look away from those infamous green curtains to avoid retinal damage!

Magic trick…wait for it…the dinette becomes a bed!

I must mention that the above pic was def taken before we moved in, we don’t even own a hitch and Bob’s housekeeping is much better than that dirty floor.

Before we leave this area we’ve got to point out the spacious entertainment center across from the dinette, look for it labeled on the diagram to the right of the entry door. 

We prefer to call it our junk corner.

Now if you’ll turn 90° to your right, then take 3 steps, you’ll find yourself in the kitchen. This is Bob’s favorite “room” in the joint, he’s a great cook!

Double sink, high faucet, and a paper plate holder attached under the overhead cabinet (can you spot it above the left sink?)…what more could you ask for?! Bob took the paper towel holder down though, he said it was in his way.

Also, a microwave, 3-burner stove (underneath the cloth covered cutting board), oven, and a plenty big for us fridge with separate freezer to the right of the stove.

Across from the stove is a decent sized closet that we use as a food pantry and misc items storage area. 

Next to the closet, across from the fridge, and partially behind the bathroom, are the bunkbeds. Ginger sleeps on the bottom bunk and we use the top bunk for storage.

The only room left on our tour is the privy.  For more info on that click here , but this is what it looks like.

This (⬆) is one of the pics taken before we moved in…we don’t use the bathroom sink to store ugly green curtains!

Apologies for the overuse of “next to,” “across from,” “to the right of,” etc, but when talking about Porter there is no “down the hall, first door on your left” or “just around the corner,”  type descriptions. We downsized before making the move to fulltime camper trailer living, so between the indoor cabinets and cubby holes, outdoor “basement” and cargo rack, and our mini-van, we’ve found a place for all our belongings.

All silliness aside (I can’t seem to help myself), we love Porter and we love all our campsite blog visitors.  Life is good, we are blessed!

Porter’s Personal Info

Someone recently asked a couple of questions about our camper trailer, Porter, which made us realize we haven’t really given many details about him on the blog. So without getting too personal, we’re glad to share what we’ve learned about him as we’ve spent time together over the last month or so.

Porter’s a yankee, born/manufactured in Indiana in 2001. Between then and when we met him in Oklahoma we don’t know anything about his life, other than a tattoo showing he’s been on the west coast. Judging from the issues we’ve encountered since living in Porter and the marks on his body, we suspect he was abused and neglected over the years. He’s part of our family now and we’ll love and care for him as best we can.


Our research shows that Porter belongs to the Coachmen Catalina Lite Series, weighing in at 3,768 lbs. He’s 7’10” wide, and the online specs say 25′ long. The length measurement must include the tongue cuz we used a tape measure today and the actual living space is only 22’…we’re changing the number in the title of this blog from 24 to 22…or 25, how confusing, have we been living a lie?! The first 2 digits in the model number usually indicate the length, which is 24 in Porter’s case (hence the original blog title), but from reading rv community forums we’ve learned that’s not always accurate.


We’ll write a separate post later with interior pics, today we’ll feature outside details.

Porter sports a handsome propane bottle cover

We store quite a bit underneath, called “the basement” in rv lingo, we’ve come to learn

The basement is open through to the other side, with a smaller door

Rear cargo rack, that we clearly use for more storage

Rear ladder, convenient for accessing the roof as needed

Porter’s proud of his outdoor shower even though it’s yellowed with time…told you, neglect.

He’s not proud of his entry steps and fears they are a safety hazard…

…and we agree with him

There WILL Be Bad Days!

This blog should be named “Our DYSFUNCTIONAL Life in a 24′ Camper Trailer,” cuz we clearly don’t know squat about the details of our little box home on wheels!  Well, that’s not entirely accurate, it’s just that when problems arise, Bob’s bad eyesight prevents him from doing things that he knows how to do (electrical, plumbing, etc work), and his male ego prevents him from asking for help…bad combination.  When that darn Mr. Ego insists that Bob must at least try to tackle the issue at hand, things usually get worse and mean words are exchanged, eyes are rolled, and divorce is discussed!  I admit that I’m a lousy assistant when it comes to home maintenance type things, but if you need a crocheted blanket for your newborn grandbaby, I’m your girl.

Without going into a lot of detail, cuz I don’t feel like writing a book, just know that the last 2 days were a mess! Rain, electrical outlets and wiring, misc panels and covers, breaker boxes, extension cords, rain, a trip to Ace Hardware (where I lost an eyeglasses arm, went back and found it on their floor), the refrigerator, a trip to the store for a bag of ice, propane, rain, flashlights, a late night call to daughter and son-in-law (I snuck past Bob’s ego) for an attempt at over the phone directions…fail, and so much more, were all a part of our mis-adventure. Oh yeah, did I mention the never ending rain?!

Fortunately, after a serious discussion between me, Bob, and his pride, we are pleased to report a happy ending. God bless RV Park owners who make/take time to actually care about their camping visitors! The moral of our story is…Ask for help when you need it.